Ania Freindorf

Ania Freindorf has been a photographer, filmmaker and artist for 23 years. She began her career in fashion photography at Bogdan Axman Studio, assistant of Irving Penn in Krakow, where she first found inspiration for her male nude project “Humanus”. She then moved to Paris to pursue her passion for photojournalism and photographic art. She is represented by various press agencies. A former official photographer and photography teacher at UNESCO, she works with several United Nations agencies. She is also a teacher at the Leica Akademie in Switzerland.

In 2017, she embarked on the “Naked Glaciers” project, which will take her to all seven continents. The aim is to immortalise these giants before it is too late and to capture these extraordinary landscapes, like a guardian of nature. The “Naked Glaciers” expedition and association is a way of moving people and bearing witness to the beauty, fragility and mystery of glaciers. It is an invitation to travel to unexplored crevasses and caves that are as sublime as they are dangerous. Her abstract work of the interior of glaciers on the one hand stimulates the imagination and on the other testifies to an unsuspected richness. A photo book is in progress, as well as a cinematographic film.

Her work was nominated for the Professional 5th Fine Art Photography Awards and received an honourable mention at the Fine Art & Documentary Photo Fotonostrum. It has been exhibited in several galleries and public spaces around Europe: UNSEEN Amsterdam Photo Fair, Venice International Art Fair, London Contemporary Art Fair.

Personal Exhibitions at Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy