Benoit Sabourdy

Born in 1968, self-taught, but having taken courses in professional photography in Paris in 2003, Benoit Sabourdy has always conducted experiments with film-based photography, whether before the arrival of the digital era in using special effects (filters, movement, focus) or from his very first steps in the darkroom, where he discovered that accidents sometimes result in interesting images.

Little by little, as his eye became attuned, he studied the history of photography and its various currents, discovering that he had invented nothing new, that essentially everything had been done before.

He gradually distanced himself from conventional photography and the “fine print”, while not losing the taste and respect that he has for it, feeling more in tune with the avant-garde photography of the twenties and the experimentalist movements of the sixties and eighties.

Realising the need to employ unorthodox techniques in order to express his particular photographic vision, Benoit Sabourdy has resolutely adopted the technique that he likes to refer to as multi-exposure (due to its character of repeated exposure to sunlight) and has elaborated a project which seeks to question the nature of the photosensitive and its relation to memory and also the photographic act.

Solo exhibitions at Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy

Group exhibitions at Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy