François Delandre

Born in the spring of 1960 at Enghien-les-Bains, François Delandre lives and works in Paris. Very early on, he took an interest in the photographic image, indeed in all visual representations. A graduate of the École Nationale des Arts et Industries Graphiques Estienne, he worked in publishing and advertising for some twenty years as artistic director. Attached to the “memory” of places, he then responded to the siren call of photography, inspired mainly by black and white. Since the late 1900s, he has developed a passion for line engraving. This motivated a desire to rework his negatives with the aid of his engraver’s tools. Since 2008, he has taught sketching and observational drawing at the Institut E-artsup in Paris.

Since 2003, François Delandre has participated regularly in exhibitions, notably in Belgium, Italy, China, Switzerland, Le Havre, Paris, and Arles. His work has been published in Le Monde 2 and on the website of Vis-à-Vis International. In 2010, he joined the photo agency Millenium Images (London). He is also represented on the site

Solo exhibitions at Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy