Nacho Gómez Sales

Born in Castellón de la Plana, Spain, Ignacio “Nacho” Gómez Sales studied photography at the EASD in Valencia and the EASD Serra i Abella in Barcelona. He then specialized in architectural photography at the IEFC in Barcelona. It was during these years, and in particular from 2005 onwards, that he began to take an interest in the city and hold his first exhibitions, including his first solo show at the Centre Municipal de Cultura Antonio Maura, in his hometown. This was followed by solo shows in Gandia (Ars Loca), Castellón (Galería Pictograma, Pou de Beca) and Barcelona (Centre Civic Parc Sandaru), as well as group shows at Zenbu Gallery and Artistslovebarcelona.

In 2008, he left Barcelona and moved to Dijon, where he completed an internship at the Côte-d’Or’s architecture, environment and town planning Council (CAUE21). In Dijon, he produced a series called “Les tags du patrimoine” (“On heritage tags”) on graffiti in the city’s historic center.

He settled permanently in Paris in 2009, where he has lived and worked ever since. In 2010, he exhibited his work at the Nuit de la Photo Contemporaine de Saint Sulpice. Between 2010 and 2013, he completed a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in Paris 8 University, specializing in Photography and Contemporary Art, where he wrote a dissertation on the political and social aspects of creative photography in Spain during the democratic transition, under the supervision of Paul-Louis Roubert. This period represents a parenthesis in his photographic practice on the city, which was not resumed until 2014.

In 2017, his series on South Korea was selected in “Descubrimientos Photoespaña”. This work, still in progress and planned for the long term, is developed over the course of several trips to Seoul.

In 2018 he made a self-edited book entitled London.

He continues to exhibit his work at the Outono Fotografico festival in Galicia, at Galérie Ménil 8 in Paris, and in specialized photography media such as Corridor Elephant and Clavoardiendo Magazine.

Since 2009, he has been combining photography with his work at the Centre Pompidou Bookshop.

Personal Exhibitions at Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy