Nicolae Sandulescu

Nicolae Sandulescu (1924-2017) worked in various fields, architecture, industry, theatre, and at the Ministry of Tourism. He is the author of many books that contributed to the knowledge of the Romanian artistic heritage. After arriving in France in 1974, he worked mainly for collectors and devoted himself to photographic creation, notably with Jacqueline Delaunay Hologne. Together they created numerous exhibitions and authored the book Brancusi l’œuvre roumaine (Paris Méditerranée, 2004). The humour, talent and creativity of this artist imbue his images with a great humanism.

Nicolae Sandulescu was among the first admirers of Brancusi to make apparent the typically Romanian popular origins of the great sculptor’s work. He collaborated with the philosopher and writer Mircea Eliade and the art critic Lionel Jianu.

Nicolae Sandulescu’s magnified vision of the Endless Column remains a superb example of dialogue between sculpture and photography, in which the artist-photographer draws a rich space for reflection not only on the history of photography but above all on the artist’s own creation. 

In the 1950s, in Romania, at the height of the period of socialist realism, Nicolae Sandulescu produced an anthology of photographs of rare maturity and inspired poetic essence. We can identify several levels of reading from this collection, in which the artist also allows himself very intimist works – not to say dissident in the movement of the time – of great creativity and aesthetic value. 

Solo exhibitions at Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy