Au Confluent d’un Rêve et d’une Réalité 

Exposition collective

19. 02. 2014 – 26. 04. 2014

The title of this exhibition is inspired by Georges Perec’s notion of the portrait as expressed in his novel La vie mode d’emploi. The goal of the exhibition is to present the photographic portrait in all its diversity: studio and street portraits, posed and candid portraits, solo and group portraits, portraits de the famous and the unknown, early and contemporary portraits, signed and anonymous portraits.

In order to complement and complete the quite varied images of six contemporary photographers (Jérôme Barbosa, Adrian Bondy, Philippe Gabel, Claude Pavy, Ray Renolds, Marianne Touchard-Heyman), a few early photographs will be displayed: a fine portrait of Gide by Albin-Guillot, a large and impressive outdoor portrait of a Scottish family, an autographed portrait of the futurist Marinetti, a studio portrait of a young American Indian in ceremonial garb, a surrealistic image from the thirties by the Belgian photographer Lauwaert, an official portrait by Karsh of John Buchan while Governer General of Canada, and a strange and disturbing image by Meatyard.