Cafés de Paris

Adrian Bondy 

28. 05. 2022 – 10. 07. 2022

An exhibition of photographs, mostly from the 80s and 90s, taken in cafés such as Les Deux Magots, Le Bonaparte, Le Mouffetard, Le Verre à Pied, Préfontaines, Au Chien Qui Fume, Le Café de la Mairie, L’Escale, La Closerie des Lilas, and Aux Folies. There are also several “blowups” by the author, recompositions of the image in which all the elements of the original photograph are present, but at different scales. The grain of the film plays an important role, and often overlooked details of the image are brought to light. Several of these photographs and blowups were exhibited in 2019 in Paris and in Camagüey, Cuba.