L’Energie Ciné Photo Graphique  —  du Pictorialisme à la Nouvelle Vision

Jean Dréville

15. 05. 2013 – 29. 06. 2013

The film-maker Jean Dréville experienced in his youth, between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, an intense period of creativity as a photographer, graphic artist, founder and publisher of magazines on photography and the cinema (to which he contributed many reviews, photographs, and graphics) and also as cameraman and documentary film director.
This exhibition, presented in collaboration with his daughter, the actress Valérie Dréville, and the photographer Thierry Baïze, includes vintage prints and also a number of modern prints made from glass plates.
We exhibit original photogrammes made from his documentary When the Ears of Corn Bend Over, and also photogrammes – the only ones that remain – of a documentary on the production of creosote (a film commanded by Joris Ivens), a reportage at Gymnase Pons in Paris for the revue Jazz, photos from the film-set of Jean Epstein’s The Fall of the House of Usher with Marguerite Gance, photos of Old Paris (the first photographic works by Jean Dréville), and several experimental images (superpositions, juxtapositions, … ).