Christian Poncet

3. 11. 2021 – 19. 12. 2021

I have been practising pinhole photography for more than 20 years, during which time my work has been mainly focused on aquatic landscapes, seas, and lakes… all of which are smooth and flattened by the long exposure times imposed by the camera obscura. This process, imperfect and random, allows me to transcend reality and gives my images a poetic and dreamlike dimension.

With this series “Metropolis”, born two years ago, the setting has changed but the intention is the same, consisting here in transforming the urban space into a strange world, between dream and science fiction. A world where reality fades away to create a wispy, undefined atmosphere. The human presence, part of a meticulously prepared staging, gives the measure of the immensity of the space while plunging us into a distant but familiar illusion.

This work is also for me the culmination and meeting point of my two photographic practices – pinhole and street photography.

Christian Poncet