Ni Vu Ni Connu

Jérôme Barbosa

09. 10. 2013 – 16. 11. 2013

Jérôme Barbosa is a young photographer living in Paris. In order to nourish his photographic projects, he has travelled widely, in Eastern Europe, Armenia, Greece, and Portugal, … Nadrupe, his grandparents’ village in Portugal, was the object of a long-term project, spread over eight years. This work was shown in September 2013 at the BarrObjectif (Charente) photo festival. In Paris, he has shown an interest in the life of illegal immigrants and has also made a series of portraits of artists working at the Atelier de Non-Faire (a studio attached to a psychiatric hospital near Paris). Very recently, he began a very promising project making portraits of people living along the diagonale du vide (an underpopulated strip of France running from the North-East to the South-West).

For several years now, Jérôme Barbosa has also practised drawing. He is self-taught. We present the fruits of these two activities. The photographs, gleaned in a number of European countries, belong mainly to the humanist movement. The drawings, by contrast, exhibit a very personal view of life, marked by delicate touch and black humour.