Out of Shadows / Sorti des Ombres

John Claridge

07. 05. 2014 – 05. 07. 2014

Two aspects of the photographer’s work are shown.

One Hundred Photographs

A selection of images was drawn from the photographer’s 1988 book One Hundred Photographs. The photographs were taken on his travels around the world, and show diverse locations and subjects: jazz musicians, American Indians, slate mines, prisons, still lifes, …

East London

The earliest of these photographs, which represent the period 1959-1986, were taken when John Claridge was only 15 years old while growing up in London’s East End. Some were exhibited at the photographer’s first one-man show, when 17, at the McCann-Erickson Gallery in London. As with Belleville-Menilmontant, the subsequent development of the East End of London has inevitably imbued these images with nostalgia.